Activities to do in Nassau, the Bahamas While On a Vacation

A Caribbean tour is incomplete without a stop at the Bahamas. Where you find all the attractions of an ideal vacation in one place. To experience the island you need a head start on the rich menu of attractions. Completing the list would be a tall order for the adventurous traveler. The capital of the Bahamas is Nassau. It’s located on New Providence Island. It’s a very popular cruise port that attracts over 3 million visitors yearly. The beautiful port has natural beauty and charm. It provides plenty of attractions that keep visitors entertained. With all these attractions it’s easy to get dazed with options to explore. Let’s look at the diverse things to do in the island. Here’s a good post to read about things to do, check this out!

A visit to the downtown port of call, Prince George Wharf is a good start. It is gifted with lots of stimulating places like fort Fincastle and the queen’s stairs case. The fort is found at the top of Bennett’s Hill. It has 126-foot walls made out of limestone. Inside the fort is the queen’s staircase also carved out of limestone. It has 66 staircases. . The town also has 17-18 century buildings.

The historic parliaments found south of Rawson square is interesting to see. Have a look at the 3 pink parliament buildings and white neoclassical structures. You may tour the pirate of Nassau Museum. Live through the rich pirate haven of captain Black beard. Swim with the pigs at the pig beach. This is a shore excursion. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started

Pay a social call to the public library and museum of Nassau. Where the history, culture, and artifacts of Nassau are preserved dating back centuries ago. The beach life is rich and amazing. The beach natural life is rich and startling. The beach life is rich and wonderful. Experience the Junkanoo, cabbage, and cable beaches. Favorites activities are sunbaths and snorkeling. The jaw beach is clear water with plenty of aquatic life to explore. To the bird watching enthusiast is the Ardastra gardens is a paradise. Flamingo shows are part of the rich bird life. You can click this link for more great tips!

As the name indicates a visit to paradise island is worth it. it is complete with the water park, golf course, casino, aquariums. The aquatic park named Atlantis is a walk-in underwater experience. Dive in with the sharks at the Stuart cove. This is a two wall dive reef where you guided to dive with a shark. Instructor training is available. Dine at the local cuisine at arwak cay to enjoy quality drinks. Sample sky juice at Goldie’s. Have fun at senor frog`s. See the gun salute at fort chelate. Sample rum at the local John watchings Distillery .

In short the Bahamas there is a huge list of must-do activities on vacation.

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