Tips on What to Do in Costa Maya Mexico

Costa Maya is the famous for the largest Mayan ruins located at the western Caribbean. According to the ancient Mayan astronomers, the port dates way back many years. All the interesting historical and cultural facts about this small port of Mexico can be acquired from the local people. The interesting history and culture of the Mayans is built on the cruise port of Costa Maya. The port was damaged and destroyed by huge hurricane but then transformed into a cruise port. Due to its nature Costa Maya is preferred by a number of tourists, and below are things one should do in Costa Maya. Read more great facts on things to do in cozumel, click here.

The port contains a number of relaxing areas that will offer one visiting the place one experience that he or she will live to remember. The port offers a lot of amenities that people who visit the place use in relaxing when enjoying the tropical nature of the place. The port has a number of salt water pools that contains restaurants and bars that people enjoying water pool can use to relax.These places offer a good relaxing joint for those individuals who don’t like wandering away from the ship. The port also has buses that do ferry people from the ship to relaxing joints and this is an advantage for those who hate walking.Since the port of Maya is filled with historic, one is welcomed at the port with ancient energetic Mayan drum beats. Not only one is entertained by Mayan drum beats but also Mexican mariachis. One can also opt to use a bicycle to explore the surrounding areas such as Mahahual fishing village. For more useful reference, have a peek here

While at the port one should opt visiting the Spanish fortress at Bacalar. The fort has a number of tourist attraction features.The fort is located outside the port an hour away.It offers another historic transformation of the ancient inhabitants of the region.The places is regarded as the hide out and barrier of the Spanish from pirates and attacks from the local people. With a small amount of fee one can access the fort and enjoy the Bacalar view from the rooftop. For diving experience there is a good spring with clear water that is preferred. The spring is ideal for diving for those who like diving.While enjoying the view of Bacalar and diving one can enjoy delicious meals at available restaurants. Please view this site for further details.

At the port of Costa Maya there are many activities that will make one to be active all through. They are offered by cruise of companies for one to explore the place fully. Such activities include snorkeling, scuba, dolphin swim and glass bottom boat rides.Swimming with dolphins is one of the exciting activities. One will live remembering the port of Maya with its beautiful sceneries and activities.

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